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Message from the Principal

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September 2021
Dear Parents and Students,

   I am very honoured to be the new principal of Mui Wo School and a member of Mui Wo family. I take this opportunity to thank Ex-Principal Yuen Wai Kwan for her wholehearted dedication and outstanding leadership over the years.

   I remember Principal Yuen telling me that she was thankful towards the Mui Wo School team for their support and compassion. In the short time in which I have been the Principal of this school, the Mui Wo School team has been very loving and caring whilst demonstrating their proactiveness and diligence in their work. I am proud to be leading such a dedicated team in the planning and preparation for the new school year. Adapting to the new normal learning mode brought on by the epidemic, our team has responded with innovative measures to complement our face-to-face learning. Some of our innovative measures include flipped classroom learning, extracurricular activities, reward programmes, and after-school support.

   In my belief, there are two main aspects to education firstly, to cultivate and deepen students’ love of learning and secondly, to nurture them into holistic individuals. Education should not only be focused on the acquisition of academic knowledge but also on expanding the boundaries of the students’ potential. We hope to strengthen our students to face the challenges in this ever-changing global environment and to become responsible and valuable contributors to society.

   In the new three-year cycle of the school, Mui Wo School will continue to develop students’ self-learning skills and habits to enhance their learning abilities, with the aim to let students explore knowledge and establish attitudes for lifelong learning. The school is also concerned about strengthening students’ self-discipline spirit and promoting positive attitudes and behaviours, which encourages students to enjoy a self-disciplined and happy campus life through different learning plans, health policies and all-round activities in the school. With positive and pleasant experiences in Mui Wo School, we believe students can live up to our school motto.

   This year, we will launch a more meaningful ‘Birthday Blessings in Campus Programme’ to make our students feel joyous. Students can wear casual clothes to school on their birthday or on the last day of school before the holidays. Students will receive specially designed birthday badges and take photos with the principal during recess. We hope that every student can feel the blessings of their teachers and schoolmates, to develop the love for school and to carry special memories.

   I have heard many interesting stories about the challenges faced by Mui Wo School and how the challenges were overcome with the full support of the Incorporated Management Committee, the participation of Parents, the encouragement and care of the alumni for the future generations, and the cooperation of students. Through the ups and downs, the team of Mui Wo School have been committed and will continue to contribute to enable children to grow in our loving campus, consolidate their foundations and prepare them for embracing challenges.

   I look forward to learning more about the history and stories of Mui Wo School.

   Thank you!

With Love,                              
Principal Kwok Man Lai Eve


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